what does c’est la vie mean in english: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

This is a French phrase that means, “What’s the matter?” It is a common phrase in French that is used to ask for help, usually with a simple question.

What I find most interesting about this phrase is that it has a lot of shades of meaning in English, and yet has no French equivalent. It is not a direct translation of the French phrase, but an English phrase that seems to have different meanings depending on where it is used.

The first meaning is “to ask for help,” which is more of a “help me out” or “just ask me” kind of phrase. It’s not a request for a person to do something for you, but it is a request for a person to help you out. It means that you should ask the person who can help you out for help.

This is the only meaning of c’est la vie that I think is relevant to the context of this message. It’s not so much about asking for help, but instead about asking for help. It’s not about asking for help, but rather asking that you give your own help. It’s a much stronger statement in that way.

We don’t know what happened to Colt, but it seems like his only reason for being on this island is to kill the Visionaries. It’s very possible that he is the head of the Visionaries, but something strange happened to him to make him want to kill them all. Perhaps he lost his memory, but in that case, he doesn’t seem to have many other options besides killing.

The fact is that Colt may not be the head of the Visionaries, but he definitely has the power to kill them. If so, he may not have much need of memory, but if he does, then he may be in a lot of pain, and this could be a strong motivating factor.

In the trailer, Colt is shown in a hospital bed, being carried by the Visionaries. He is shown to be a mess, with a large hole in his chest, and he’s barely aware of what is going on around him. He’s also wearing a hospital gown when he’s in the trailer. This could mean that he’s in a coma, but not because of his wounds.

The word “vigilante” comes from the French word ‘vigilant’. In English, it means the person who goes on a journey to be a vigilante or a hunter. To be a “vigilante” is to kill for the sake of killing. To be a “hunter” is to hunt for the sake of hunting. Our own research of the French language confirms that the two terms are synonymous.

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