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While most Americans have their minds made up and their opinions have been formed, the truth is that it is those who are undecided that are the ones who need to start thinking about what they want to do.

This is why polls like this are so important. It gives us a shot at seeing what the public really thinks about a number of important issues facing the country, and it helps us make decisions when we don’t have an exact idea of what the public’s view of an issue is.

The latest Rasmussen polls gave us an interesting take on the issue of up until this point. Forty-one percent of the public wants a candidate to win the presidency in 2012, and 48 percent want their candidate to win the election. That’s a pretty broad swath of the public, and it’s actually quite different than it was in the last election, which saw 49 percent wanting a candidate to win the election and only 32 percent wanting their candidate to win the presidency.

To me, that suggests the publics view of an issue is pretty clear. It’s not as clear as it was in the last election, but I’m definitely not going to argue that.

I think that, just as 2008 showed, Americans are a very divided group when it comes to politics, the electorate is also very divided. The last election was more narrowly focused than the one before it, but it still showed a clear split between who wants to see their candidate win the election and who wants to see their candidate win the presidency.

It’s not just that the candidates are split. The divide that exists is evident in the voters. The average person is far more interested in what the candidates have to offer than what is being said about them. Which is why, in the last election, a large number of voters who were opposed to Obama’s presidential bid voted for Mitt Romney, a candidate who made the case that he could get the job done better.

It’s a similar story with the current election. A large number of people who were opposed to Obama’s campaign made the case that he wasn’t the choice of them, and they voted for a candidate who they said could do the job better. But, the candidates are largely split, so that even if you agree with both Obama and Romney that they were better choices than the other, you still may not want to vote for either of them.

Well, yes. And yes. And yes.

There is no doubt that the people who make the case for one candidate have a point. However, the same applies for the other.

That being said, I don’t think that the point for one candidate is just to make the case for their choice; it’s to make sure that that person will be the person that is elected. I think it’s important to realize that some people just don’t believe that Obama is going to be their choice.

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