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When I was in college, I would read the papers that said “The Three Levels of Self-Awareness”, and I was happy about it. The Three Levels of Self-Awareness are my favorite way to incorporate your own feelings and feelings into your own life.

To put it simply, Self-Awareness means that you’re aware of your self. It means that you’re aware of your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and whatever else is going on.

Self-awareness is one of the core values of my work, as well. I believe that it is a basic human need to know that our perceptions of ourselves are actually accurate, not just our perceptions of ourselves as we think we are, or as we want to be.

In the story trailer, we see Colt Vahn fighting to take down Visionaries in a different time loop where he finds himself being chased by Visionaries and somehow ends up on a different island. He has no memory of what happened on that island, only how he got there and how he ended up on this one on the beach where he finds himself. He also finds himself being chased by a Visionary he used to work for, and he ends up getting captured by the Visionary.

In the trailer, Vahn is running through the jungle alone when he is ambushed by a Visionary (who we can assume is the same one he worked for). Although this Visionary appears to be in a bad mood, we can’t see that. We can only see that he is wearing a mask, which in the story trailer is a symbol for Visionaries.

For me, the most fun and interesting thing about the Deathloop trailer is not just the fact that they were able to make it look like they just dumped Vahn on the beach. Instead, it’s the fact that they managed to make this very different from the death-sickness-y, time-looping, stealth game I was so pumped about back in December.

While the Deathloop trailer looks as deadly and deadly as ever, I didn’t get to really delve into its story. Instead, I was more interested in the fact that it looked like Vahn used to be a pretty regular guy until he woke up on Blackreef and began his quest for revenge.

Vahn is a sad, sad, sad guy, and Deathloop is his time-looping game. I really enjoyed all of its design decisions and how you can play it like an action game, but I was really looking forward to the story and how they were able to take it to such a dark place. It’s a shame that I didn’t get to see it in action.

For those people who may not have seen the game previously, you can pick it up today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For those who already have it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

The game is in alpha, so expect it to be released some time next year, or in 2016. In case you don’t like the story, you can pick up a beta copy (it’s still in alpha, so be patient) for $39.99.

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