july september

This blog is a celebration of the many ways that july really is the beginning of summer! From one-hour-long sunshine-filled days to late night walks that extend out into the street. It’s a time to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of the day, and most of all, a time to be thankful for that amazing sunshine.

A few weeks ago I was in my favorite Mexican restaurant in NYC, which we all seem to love. I had a large salad, which I’ve been dying to eat since August. It was my favorite salad that I’ve ever had, and I made the mistake of eating it in the car on the way back from the restaurant.

I was so angry when I ate it in the car that I vowed to make a new salad for the restaurant every time I ate there. But it didn’t work. I wasn’t angry enough to make a new salad. It didn’t help that I couldn’t eat the salad in the car. Instead I ate it at home.

You have to have a meal to have dinner to be able to eat it.

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