i’m doing well in french

The truth is, French is not difficult at all. French is actually pretty easy to learn. But it’s not quite as fun as, say, English, or German, or your own native language. I think it’s because French is an acquired language.

So why does it seem like so many people have trouble with French? Well, for one, it is one of the only languages that is generally taught in the same way as English, so children who don’t know it will just be left out of French classes. Then there is the language itself. French is a very open language, so it’s very easy to pick up the language from a dictionary.

French is also a very easy language to learn and, in the right hands, can be incredibly entertaining. However, when you speak it, it can be very intimidating, especially if you’re used to a more formal, spoken-word style of speaking. So, while I do enjoy French, I’m not afraid to say that I’m not as fluent as I wish I were in it.

I think this is because French is so easy to understand and therefore is the language of all of us. However, Im not that fluent, but Im not afraid to talk about it.

When I learned to speak French, I was scared shitless. I was not used to speaking French, and I often found myself apologizing for not being able to speak it correctly. I also was scared to go to the store and talk to people in French because I was afraid they would assume my level of fluency when they asked what I was doing with my life.

The truth is that every language has its grammar, vocabulary, and even way of talking. For example, there are only two ways to say “Ich bin ein Berliner” in German. The first one is by inserting the definite article, which is “Ich bin Berliner.” The second way to say it is “Ich bin Berliner.” But the second is shorter, and doesn’t sound as correct when you’re not used to the use of the definite article.

No, it sounds like you are writing about some sort of supernatural creature.

You know those people who are always complaining that they can’t write their names, or that their last name isn’t right? Well you can’t say you are one of them because it isn’t correct. It’s a bit like the French saying that a boat has two wheels. A boat has two wheels, but they both turn the same way.

I’m not sure bin Berliner is a word I use much. I mean, I’m not sure I’ve ever used bin Berliner, but I have heard it. I think it’s just a general term. You have to be careful with it though, because too much of a definite article can actually make an otherwise meaningless word sound more significant.

I’m sorry. I’m not going to do it. I mean, if you don’t like it, you could say it’s not really a good idea to have a lot of people go to a beach to watch their children play outside.

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