hang myself

It’s been a couple years now since I hung myself, but I still see red. I have had many opportunities to do so, but none of them were worth it. My last hanging attempt was on Halloween. I was hung up for about an hour. I’m going to the gym tonight to try to get out of my self-induced coma. I hope all of you don’t mind if I just go back to hang for a bit.

I think a lot of people have self-hanging issues. It is one of the most distressing ways to die. We do it in movies, video games, and in the real world. It’s not good to do it in the shower, though, because you can still see the blood and the pieces of your body.

I’m going to keep this spoiler-free. I’ve done two hangings myself, both of which were pretty bad. I’m going to keep this spoiler-free. I can’t believe I’m writing this.

I have had a number of hangings where I didnt get a chance to use a pen or a pencil and there was a number of hangings where I got a chance to use a pen. So now I have to go back and get another pen and I can’t find one.

I’ve had some bad hangings in the shower, and it’s pretty hilarious. I remember when I got a number of hangings in the shower and I was still wearing a towel. I was like, “Oh, I guess I’ve been doing this for too long.” Not funny. I’ve only had two of these hangings in my life, though.

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