guinness longest kiss

The most intimate kiss is the kiss between two people who are fully aware of each other and both have their eyes closed. Now, that kiss can last hours or even days, with the slightest amount of distraction. In the same way, the longest kiss is between your best friend and you.

It’s a question not much has been asked about. The longest kiss has been the kiss between two people who are completely unaware of each other. It’s something that never has happened in the history of mankind. A lot of people consider it “unstupid” and therefore not worthy of being discussed. We’re not really sure where the line is. I think it’s more along the axis of “very long” and “not really important.

Not to mention the fact that many people will be interested in this one. The first kiss in the game is probably the kiss between two people who are extremely close to each other. It’s a kind of kiss where the two people get close in a kiss and it only makes sense.

I get that a lot. It’s not a very nice first kiss, but it’s one of the most important ones, and if you want to know how long your kiss lasts, that’s the only surefire way to find out. I have no idea when a kiss lasts that long, but it’s worth knowing because it’s the only reason to talk about a kiss.

Guinness has a record for the longest kiss, but I think it’s actually the longest kiss in the game, which lasts about 5 seconds. This is pretty awesome, because as a game developer, this is a good thing, because it means that I can expect new characters and new levels to have a longer kiss than this.

When I kiss a character, the kiss actually lasts a bit longer than I expect it to, but at the same time I’m also surprised. Maybe it’s because I’m not actually on the most important level of the game, but I’m surprised that there are so many other characters that I’m not entirely sure. The kiss also comes with a few of the characters I’m not really sure about, but I’m pretty sure that they are all in the same world and are the same person.

I’ve got to give this one a pretty strong recommendation, because its very much a “guinness longest kiss,” but its also a good “guinness kiss.” Like I stated before, this game is about exploring the world, and being surprised and astonished at the world around you.

I could see this being the perfect game for a girl that likes to be surprised and astonished. The way that the game is set up, with the game itself being a surprise, I could see this finding an audience with a little bit of a cult following.

Well, there’s a pretty big niche of guys who like to be surprised and astonished by a girl. Of course, it’s a girl, but she may be a little more giddy than usual. So if you’re a guy who likes to be surprised and astonished by a girl, this may be for you. It’s also got some great sex and fun in the way that the game is set up, so that’s worth looking into.

In the same way that many games have a bit of a cult following, this game is also a bit of a cult-like game. Its a game that has been made by one guy, and he has made a game that has a cult following. I think that a lot of the games that get made by one guy are games that have a cult following because they are so different from the mainstream games that are made by teams of people.

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