cucaracha shot

This is a variation of the classic guacamole shot. I use it to add more flavor to my favorite Mexican food; it is great to add heat to a plate of quesadillas.

The one ingredient I don’t use is salt, because I add it later and it ends up being way too salty.

The secret ingredient is a little pepper that is supposed to add a spiciness to the guac and is used to spice up the quesadillas. It’s also a little bit of vinegar that is supposed to give the lime juice a tang. I use both of these if I want a little variation.

I find that cucaracha shot is a great addition to my Mexican cooking. It’s basically the same ingredients as guacamole. I think its because the flavor of cucaracha just seems so much better to me than the flavor of the guacamole.

I make guacamole. You could say there are two flavors to guacamole, sour and pungent. The sour taste comes from the tomatoes and the pungent taste comes from the chilies and spices added to the guacamole. I don’t always use the same ingredients, but every now and then I throw in a little chipotle or some fresh jalapeño. If I want a really different flavor, I throw in a little cilantro too.

I love cucaracha, but I have to say that I don’t usually eat it for lunch. I think it’s because of the sour flavor.

The fact is cucaracha is a bad thing. It tastes like cucumbers, not the kind of cucumber you can buy from a store, but you can use a whole cucumber to make a cucaracha tomato.

I think cucaracha tastes like a very bad combination of tomatoes and cucumbers. It tastes like a mouthful of sour cucumber. But that’s the way I like it. It’s just a good thing to add to guacamole. And now I can make guacamole without the nasty cucaracha.

I find cucaracha a pretty good thing to do. It’s good for healthy vegetables, but I have a few cucarachos that are too much for me.

The cucarachos are small, but they have a very sweet flavor. I know a lot of them are small, so I think that’s probably why it makes them so good. But I think cucarachos are a good combination to make them good for something.

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