cemetery vs graveyard

I don’t know the difference between a cemetery and a graveyard. I don’t care. Let’s just have fun with it.

But it can be confusing. I was in a cemetery once. No one was there. But I was in a graveyard once. It was pretty weird.

I know they both mean “graveyard”, but that word can be used to describe a whole lot of different things. There is a cemetery in this game, and there is also a graveyard. And there is also a cemetery in this game. The difference between them is that a cemetery is a place where people are buried, and a graveyard is more of a place where people are laid to rest.

The difference between the two can be found in the way you can dig graves in a cemetery, and the way you can dig graves in a graveyard. For example, dig a grave in a cemetery. That’s like digging in a very deep pit. In a graveyard, though, you are allowed to dig a grave in relatively shallow soil.

When you dig a grave in a graveyard, you use a digging tool like a shovel. The tool has a shaft that you use to strike the soil and then a handle. The digging tool is a kind of knife. On a grave in a cemetery you can dig straight down into the ground, and then you can turn it into a hole. This is called a “straight-down” grave.

When you dig a straight-down grave, you can dig in any direction. On a cemetery, digging in a straight-down direction leads to a much deeper hole than digging in any other direction. This makes it much harder for the Cemetery to hold back the grave as it heals over. This is because the deeper you dig in a graveyard, the more dirt and debris gets sucked into the ground and then can cause a large hole to open up. This is called a head-wall grave.

Cemetery vs graveyard is a fact of life. This is because graveyards and graves are not just a thing of death, but a way to preserve the corpses that people choose to bury. Some people bury their loved ones in a cemetery just because they can’t bear to see the person’s remains buried in the ground. Other people bury their loved ones in a graveyard because they don’t want relatives to see their bodies.

Cemetery vs graveyard isn’t quite as well-thought-out as graveyard vs cemetery. One of the main reasons why some cemetery-goers have died in the first place is that cemetery has to be the last one to leave the grave. If a cemetery is not the last one to leave the grave, then the people on it and the graves are being haunted.

People get a special feeling from the grave. Its sort of like a kind of ‘other’ in a graveyard. A cemetery is the place where people have died. A graveyard is the place where people have been buried. So the cemetery is what people who dont’ want relatives to find their dead bodies go to. The opposite is true of graveyards. They are the places where bodies are left. So graveyards are the places where people go to bury their loved ones.

The two are pretty much opposites for most people. The difference is in how they feel about them.

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