but i’m not done yet

That’s right.

So after the video, we met up with the guys from Arkane Studios for a chat about Deathloop. But first they wanted to show us the Deathloop map. If you’ve been paying close attention, you’ve probably noticed that you can’t see the map any more. The reason? The map is being reworked and redesigned.

It seems that they are doing this because they cant fit the map in the first place. The map was very big and it was hard to navigate. So, they are reworking the map to make it smaller.

I have to admit that I really don’t know much about the Deathloop map, so I must be missing something.

Well, the map is only really needed for quick access to the game. For the most part you can access the map by pressing the X button, which is also used to look at the map. The new Deathloop map is made up of smaller pieces of the map and it was created by a few artists to fill in the gaps between the big map pieces.

We’re still not exactly sure what’s going to be happening in Deathloop, but it’s definitely a game that’s going to cause some people to lose their minds. But the really awesome thing about this map is that it is very small. We don’t think it will be big enough to be fully playable, but it’s definitely going to be small enough that it’s easier to navigate and that many people might not even notice anything missing.

Deathloop is a very beautiful place. It gets that way partly thanks to the unique geography of the island. By having the island be so small, however, it reduces the amount of detail for the environment. We have a few artists working on the map, but were not 100% sure what sort of content they would be making. We are looking forward to seeing what you all have to say.

Also, Deathloop is not 100% complete. There are still a few secrets, and the island may be more difficult to navigate, but there are still a lot of challenges in store. We look forward to testing the game out with you all.

We have a lot more to share about the game, and what’s next, so stay tuned.

Deathloop is a platformer with a little stealth action. As you may have surmised, we’re not done yet.

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