आचार्य रजनीश

What a question! I feel like I should tell you that I actually like this question a lot. It’s actually why I’m so excited to talk to you guys.

Yes, a lot of people who have been talking to us about this are hoping that it’s because of the very fact that it is, in fact, a very difficult question.

The difficulty of the question is that you have to first decide that your answer actually makes sense. That is, it has to actually be at least kind of logical. After you have made that decision, you may then decide to search the internet for a logical answer. For example, you may look for a logical answer to the question, “Should I paint my new construction home?” You could search for an answer that says, “Don’t. Paint your new home.

That’s an excellent question. So I think the answer here is a yes. If you are new to home remodeling and the thought of painting your home makes you feel a little uneasy, then i would definitely recommend against it.

If you do decide it is an option for you, try to find a logical reason for your decision that will be in line with your needs.

Why would you paint your new construction home? Well, here’s an example: You’re thinking about renovating your home. You have a lot of plans for your new home so you’re thinking of painting. You want to add some new furniture, perhaps a new stove, and a little window treatment. You want to add some storage space or another room.

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